Darth Vader als World of Warcraft-Charakter

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Diese Auflistung von Filmfiguren als WoW-Spielfiguren ist schöner Filmspaß für Sonntagmittag und diese Klassifizierung von Darth Vader ist wirklich klasse.

wow-vader.jpgName: Darth Vader
Race: Cyborg
Class: Sith Lord
Faction: Horde

Strength: 200
Agility: 110
Stamina: 300
Intellect: 700
Spirit: 300
Armor: 2000


Black Face Mask of Awesomeness
Wearing the Black Face Mask of Awesomeness gives character a 300% bonus chance of transforming from a painfully annoying and wooden teenage idiot into an epic character of unlimited awesomeness. Effects Black Mask of Awesomeness takes 1 hour after equipping to go into effect. During the first hour of wearing, the character may still be susceptible to whining like a little girl.

Horde Cape of Forgetful Spawn Recognition
Horde Cape of Forgetful Spawn Recognition gives wearer a +20 bonus when identifying offspring he never even knew he had, but also has the drawback of making the character completely forget simple things (ie. droids he may have built in the past)

Orcish Gloves Of The Swift Dinner Blade
Increases various sword attacks by +110 and gives wearer a +35 in throwing dinner parties at strategic ambushes.


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  • Reply Benane 30. 3. 2008 at 14:57

    Ich sag nur „a +12 bonus to quick one liner delivery, and becomes totally impervious to fire, electricity and Mummy attacks“ Bruce Campbell ist cool.

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