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Emily Hagins ist zwölf Jahre alt und hat einen Film geschrieben, produziert und inszeniert. Der Film heisst „Pathogen“ und es ist – ein Zombiefilm. Mit Kindern. Over the Top awesome, holy mother of fuck! Und die richtige Einstellung hat sie auch, die Zombies rennen nicht und einer der Hauptdarsteller hat die sehr einfache und sehr wahre Begründung dafür: „Dead People don’t run.“ So sieht das nämlich mal aus. Hier kann man den Film auf DVD kaufen. Aaron Marshall, Justin Johnson und Eric Mauck haben eine Dokumentation über das Projekt gedreht und die hatte neulich Premiere beim Fantastic Fest 2008, Twitch hat ein Interview mit den Machern und ich finde, es sollte viel mehr Zombiefilme von zwölfjährigen Kids geben.

Justin – Eric and I saw this posting on a web-site, AustinActors.net, and that site lists productions people are doing. It said: auditions 12 to 15 years old kids for zombie movies. We found out that Emily was this twelve year old girl and we all decided this would be a good project to do so we met with the family, talked to them, see how they felt about it. Emily at the time was twelve she was this pretty typical nervous awkward teenager. But she seemed excited about the idea of us filming them. At the time they had only filmed a little bit but they were getting ready to audition to start this whole process. After one dinner they agreed to it. That was the initial steps to starting production. Three weeks later we met with them and conducted the very first interviews.

Aaron – It was too good to pass up as far as a documentary subject goes. 12 year old girl makes feature length zombie movie. It begged to have the story told.

Mack – Did you have any questions about that? I hear 12 yr old girl making a zombie movie and I thought what does a 12 yr old girl know about zombie films? Should they know about zombie films?

Aaron – That was one of the early questions we had. We go over that in the film. How did she get to this point? How does a 12 yr old get to the point where she has not only seen tones of zombie movies but is herself making one. We’re interested in stuff like that. That is a compelling part of her movie, at least the genesis of her story.

Zombie Girl: The Movie – A conversation with Aaron Marshall and Justin Johnson

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