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/Film hat einen schönen Artikel zu George Lucas Skywalker Ranch, hier die Highlights des Hauses. Wenn die Filmfreunde Ende des Jahres irgendwann die Weltherrschaft übernommen haben (weil: schön und reich sind wir ja sowieso schon), werde ich George Lucas da rausschmeißen, ihm für Clone Wars auf die Finger hauen und einziehen.

  • Besides all of the work buildings, Lucas also constructed an observatory on-site to house a large telescope sent to him by a Star Wars fan.
  • In additon to the working building, there’s also a motel, four restaurants, a day-care center, and fitness center on the property.
  • In case you were wondering, there’s a free continental breakfast provided daily. Although I imagine if you can afford to book Skywalker Ranch, you’re not worried about the price of a muffin and a glass of juice.
  • The Ranch also has its own fire department, whose trucks are emblazoned with the word “Skywalker” on the sides. They often help with fires in the Marin County area.
  • Lucas went to great length to make sure that it’s difficult to see the buildings from the main road, and has also hidden most of the parking structures underground.
  • As you’d expect, Lucas has an on-site security team with extensive surveillance over the entire property. Supposedly he’s extremely terrified of being kidnapped. Probably more so after the invention of Jar Jar Binks.
  • The Ranch has it’s own screening room, a 300 seat state-of-the-art theater called “The Stag.” It’s one of the most sophisticated theaters in the world.
  • One of the coolest places on the ranch is the Skywalker Library, which is a two-story research center that provides archives and research to filmmakers.
  • Lucas’ inner sanctum at the Ranch, located in the main Victorian-style building, houses artifacts like the original lightsabers from Star Wars, Indy’s battered and dusty fedora from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and… Howard the Duck’s electric guitar.
  • Currently, the Ranch sits on almost 5,000 acres, most of which is undeveloped.

The George Lucas Underground Volcano Lair Alternative – Skywalker Ranch

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  1. Jet Strajker

    “Wenn die Filmfreunde Ende des Jahres irgendwann die Weltherrschaft übernommen haben (weil: schön und reich sind wir ja sowieso schon), werde ich George Lucas da rausschmeißen, ihm für Clone Wars auf die Finger hauen und einziehen.”

    Niemals, da musst du erst an mir vorbei. Lucas ist toll. Jar Jar Binks auch. So. ;)

  2. HoHu

    “a large telescope sent to him by a Star Wars fan.”

    Geht das noch als Maxibrief?

  3. Christian D.

    Den Seitenhieb auf Jar Jar Binks finde ich super (und gerechtfertigt)! :)

  4. Patrick B. Rau

    Die Filmfreunde werden niemals die Weltherrschaft übernehmen. Patrick B. Rau und seine CAPSLOCK-TASTE haben die Weltherrschaft und sind entschlossen diese zu behalten, wahrzunehmen und NICHT mehr abzugeben.

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    Whoever created this: thank you!!

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    That lightsaber sound lol

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    Putting The Cost Of The ESA’s Rosetta Mission In Perspective

    "So what do we get for our €1.4bn? Rosetta is both an astounding feat of engineering (catapulting a tonne of spacecraft across millions of kilometres of space and ending up in orbit around a comet just 4 km across) and an extraordinary opportunity for science (allowing us to examine the surface of a lump of rock and ice which dates from when the Solar System formed).

    Like a lot of blue-skies science, it’s very hard to put a value on the mission. First, there are the immediate spin-offs like engineering know-how; then, the knowledge accrued, which could inform our understanding of our cosmic origins, amongst other things; and finally, the inspirational value of this audacious feat in which we can all share, including the next generation of scientists.

    Whilst those things are hard to price precisely, in common with other blue-skies scientific projects, Rosetta is cheap. At €1.4bn, developing, building, launching and learning from the mission will cost about the same as 4.2 Airbus A380s—pretty impressive when you consider that it’s an entirely bespoke robotic spacecraft, not a production airliner. On a more everyday scale, it’s cost European citizens somewhere around twenty Euro cents per person per year since the project began in 1996.

    Rosetta has already sent us some stunning images of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and today’s landing will, with any luck, provide us with our first close-up glimpse of the chaotic surface of this dirty snowball. If you’re a sci-fi fan, then, you might consider the mission to have been worth its price tag just for the pictures. The total cost for the Rosetta mission is about €3.50 per person in Europe; based on the average cinema ticket price in the UK (€8.50), it has cost less than half of what it will cost for you to go to see Interstellar.”

    Via Scienceogram: http://scienceogram.org/blog/2014/11/rosetta-comet-esa-lander-cost/

    Find Out How Budget Cuts Canceled NASA’s Own Comet Landing Mission: http://www.penny4nasa.org/2014/11/11/how-budget-cuts-canceled-nasa-own-rosetta-comet-landing-mission/


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    i never wanted this to end


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    Life is too short to be holding on to old grudges