GI Joe: Resolute


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Warren Ellis hat für Hasbro die 11teilige Miniserie „GI Joe: Resolute“ geschrieben, deren letzte Folge grade bei Adult Swim gezeigt wurde, Snip von Ellis’ erstem Posting:

So I wrote what we call a “micro-series” called GI JOE: RESOLUTE. (This has been misreported elsewhere as GI JOE ABSOLUTE, which may give aid and comfort to the people at Hasbro who weren’t wild about the title!) It’s an hour long, broken into ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute final episode.

Oben die erste Episode, alle weiteren Teile nach dem Kaboom.


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  1. Batzman

    Yuck. Was für eine crappy limited animation Kacke. Wollen sie kurz vor Start des Spielfilms nochmal die Leute vergraulen?

  2. Old Man


    Death Toll > 10 Million

    Cobra Command HQ in Springfield.

    Cobra Commander = Homer Simpson


  3. Jan Tenner

    Lol – so ein Schwachsinn!

    Das ganze mag für US-Kids ja Hero-Like ganz nett inzeniert sein, aber dass die Cobra anscheinend nur mit Platzpatronen schießen, macht das ganze leider zu albern.

  4. Michael

    Die haben den Ninja Turtles den Schredder geklaut! Die Schweine!

  5. Jan

    Wow, sie kommen in Eps. 7 mittels Ballons und einfacher Schutzkleidung zu orbitalen Satelliten! Unfassbar eindrucksvoll!
    Jetzt ist mir klar warum amerikanische Super-Duper-Spitzentechnologie der russischen so weit überlegen ist. Die Russen mussten damals Juri Gagarin noch per Rakete da hoch schicken. Aber die G.I. nehmen nen Ballon und eine Tacherausrüstung. Kostengünstig und effektiv.
    Davon bitte noch mehr Teile – die Welt braucht Inspiration!

  6. Bomster

    Hm. Habs mir mal komplett angesehen. Obwohl mir GI Joe hintenrum vorbei geht, finde es für US-Animation handwerklich ganz okay – und ehrlich gesagt, ich gehe mal davon aus, dass der K;inofilm *wesentlich* schlechter sein wird. Ich mag zwar Christopher Eccleston, aber ansonsten dürfte der genauso lausig ausfallen wie Transformers (Stephen Somers ist zwar nicht Michael Bay, aber immerhin hat er uns Perlen wie Van Helsing beschert).

    In den Staaten sieht es mit der Rezeption von Resolute ganz anders aus als hier, aber da ist auch eine ganze Generation mit der Serie groß geworden (hab sie seinerzeit im niederländischen TV gesehen, war aber mit 14 oder so auch schon viel zu alt um es noch gut finden zu können). Die sind jedenfalls glücklich, dass jemand ihre Kindheitsfreuden grittyfiziert hat.

    Warren Ellis selbst hat auf eine der … extremeren Rezensionen verlinkt:

  7. Bomster

    Oh – und zu den Ballons hat er auch was zu vermelden:

    “FAQ: a lot of people seemed to think that the “satellites” were in “space,” despite the contrary being stated on two or three separate occasions in the series itself. This had led to people calling me names for sending people into space via balloon. I would direct you to Project Manhigh, which was mentioned in the show. Also, the stratosphere — I used the word several times in the show — is not space. And the “satellites” were Stratellites or Stratospheric Airships, a concept I encountered many years ago, one of which has already been successfully flown at an altitude of 74000 feet, or 22 miles. Which puts it well inside the stratosphere, which starts 6 miles up and transitions to the mesosphere at 31 miles up.

    See? Isn’t paying attention science fun?”

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    Whoever created this: thank you!!

    Haha! Well done!


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    That lightsaber sound lol

    Get the My Neighbor Groot shirt


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    Putting The Cost Of The ESA’s Rosetta Mission In Perspective

    "So what do we get for our €1.4bn? Rosetta is both an astounding feat of engineering (catapulting a tonne of spacecraft across millions of kilometres of space and ending up in orbit around a comet just 4 km across) and an extraordinary opportunity for science (allowing us to examine the surface of a lump of rock and ice which dates from when the Solar System formed).

    Like a lot of blue-skies science, it’s very hard to put a value on the mission. First, there are the immediate spin-offs like engineering know-how; then, the knowledge accrued, which could inform our understanding of our cosmic origins, amongst other things; and finally, the inspirational value of this audacious feat in which we can all share, including the next generation of scientists.

    Whilst those things are hard to price precisely, in common with other blue-skies scientific projects, Rosetta is cheap. At €1.4bn, developing, building, launching and learning from the mission will cost about the same as 4.2 Airbus A380s—pretty impressive when you consider that it’s an entirely bespoke robotic spacecraft, not a production airliner. On a more everyday scale, it’s cost European citizens somewhere around twenty Euro cents per person per year since the project began in 1996.

    Rosetta has already sent us some stunning images of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and today’s landing will, with any luck, provide us with our first close-up glimpse of the chaotic surface of this dirty snowball. If you’re a sci-fi fan, then, you might consider the mission to have been worth its price tag just for the pictures. The total cost for the Rosetta mission is about €3.50 per person in Europe; based on the average cinema ticket price in the UK (€8.50), it has cost less than half of what it will cost for you to go to see Interstellar.”

    Via Scienceogram:

    Find Out How Budget Cuts Canceled NASA’s Own Comet Landing Mission:


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    i never wanted this to end


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    Life is too short to be holding on to old grudges


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