Zombie Christ – Fake TV-Spot

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(Vimeo Direktzombie, via Quiet Earth)

Hier der TV-Spot zu Zombie Christ, einem billig aussehenden Zombie-Fun-Streifen, der wie ein billiger Zombie-Fun-Streifen aus den 80ern aussehen will. Um diese hervorragende Qualität hinzubekommen, hat man den Film mehrmals per VHS kopiert. Yay, good old days!

What we want to do with this movie is recreate, as closely as possible, the aesthetic of being thirteen and watching that s****y-ass B-Horror that you recorded on VHS (over cherished home videos, of course) off of Joe Bob Briggs‘ Drive-In Theater or something. And we made it take place in what we refer to as „The 80’s Future“ (like 1994 as seen from 1987, for example) […]

The year is…“80’s future“. The world is in shambles. A bitter and desolate place. The zombie apocalypse has been devouring the world for nearly 7 years. Now, the powers that be think the suffering should end – so the ultimate weapon is sent to earth. The Zombie Christ.

Those that fight alongside him have become his apostles, and together – they attempt to rid the world of zombies. But who believes, and who is along for the ride? Each with their own destinies, the Zombie Christ guides them across the godforsaken land as he walks directly towards his own.


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