Not Quite Hollywood: Doku über Ozploitation, australische Exploitation-Filme


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OMG, this looks insanely brillant! Warum sagt mir keiner, dass sie letztes Jahr bereits eine Doku über australische Exploitation-Filme gedreht haben? Das hier sieht absolut fantastisch aus, Quentin Tarantino auch seine Finger im Spiel und der Film hat jede Menge Werwölfe, Mad Max, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dennis Hopper, George Lazenby, George Miller, Barry Humphries, Stacy Keach und tausend andere mehr. Aaaaawww!

Snip von Wikipedia:

Hartley spent several years writing a detailed research document, which served to some degree as a script for the film, about the New Wave era of Australian cinema. It focused on the commonly overlooked “Ozploitation” films—mainly filled with sex, horror and violence—which critics and film historians considered vulgar and offensive, often excluded from Australia’s “official film history”. Hartley approached Quentin Tarantino, a longtime “Ozploitation” fan who had dedicated his 2003 film Kill Bill to the exploitation genre, and Tarantino agreed to help get the project off the ground. Hartley then spent an additional five years interviewing subjects and editing the combined 250 hours of interviews and original stock footage into a 100-minute film.

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