Lord of the Rings – with the Beatles

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Slate hat eine Liste mit zehn Filmen, die (zum Glück) nie gemacht wurden, inklusive einer Verfilmung von „Herr der Ringe“ mit den Beatles in den Hauptrollen. Mit McCartney als Frodo (klar), George Harrison als Gandalf, Ringo Starr als Sam und John Lennon als… Gollum? Give peace a chance, oder wie? Lustige Vorstellung, jedenfalls.

Lord of the Rings—starring the Beatles
It’s widely known that the road to filming Lord of the Rings—first published in 1954—was nearly as long and torturous as Frodo’s journey to Mount Doom. Early on, Tolkien stated a preference for the „vulgarization“ of an animated version over the „sillification“ of a dramatization. According to Roy Carr’s The Beatles at the Movies, talks were once in the works for a Beatle-zation—with John Lennon wanting to play Gollum, Paul McCartney Frodo, George Harrison Gandalf, and Ringo Starr Sam. Collaborating with director John Boorman, screenwriter Rospo Pallenberg thought the Beatles should play the four hobbits (and agreed with McCartney that he would be the ideal Frodo). It’s difficult, but entertaining, to imagine the Fab Four subsuming their personas to Tolkien’s storytelling, but United Artists decided not to move ahead on the project, with the Beatles or without them.

The Best Movies Never Made (via Kottke)

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    … wowdy – das wäre der Hammer gewesen! :)

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    Wollte Stanley Kubrick nicht auch mal „Das Foucaultsche Pendel“ verfilmen? Das wär was gewesen. :)

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