Trailers from Hell: Lloyd Kaufman über The Toxic Avenger


Sehr schöne neue Folge von Trailers from Hell: Lloyd Kaufman von Troma spricht über seinen Trash-Klassiker „The Toxic Avenger“.

Like Little Shop of Horrors, this modest exploitation film engendered an avalanche of mainstream success. Initially unnoticed, it became a hit at midnight screenings and was followed by three sequels, a tv cartoon, comic books, merchandise and at least three stage musicals. It brought good fortune to the House of Troma, whose majordomo Lloyd Kaufman continues to flood the world with movies, books, seemingly unstoppable personal appearances, and now– TFH commentaries!

Lloyd Kaufman on “The Toxic Avenger”

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  1. jansenfab

    Leni Riefenstahl hat sich den Toxic Avenger angesehen(!)

  2. Olli K.

    Abgesegnet von Leni Riefenstahl… Was will man als Kinobetreiber denn mehr?

  3. der sepp

    der film is klasse :P

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