Ben Affleks nächster Film über Jack Kirby, die Revolution im Iran und einen Fake-Film


Ben Afflek soll die Regie im Film „Argo“ übernehmen und dessen Story kombiniert Comics, die islamische Revolution im Iran und einen Fake-Film. Die Story klingt äußerst abgefahren und spannend und hoffentlich wird das Ergebnis nicht so egal, wie der Film mit den Ziegen.

Ben Affleck may have found his next directing gig, a movie called Argo. It’s based on a true story, and it’s the weird true story of how a fake scifi film – produced by John Chambers, who won an Oscar for make-up on Planet of the Apes, and with storyboards by Jack ‘King’ Kirby – helped rescue Americans during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

You’ll remember that in 1979 the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran was overrun by revolutionaries who supported the Ayatolla Khomeini. Sixty-six people were held hostage for 444 days, an event which effectively ended the presidency of Jimmy Carter (and gave us the Delta Force films). But not everyone who was at the Embassy was taken hostage; six employees managed to escape during the chaos and, after a couple of weeks on the run, ended up taking shelter at the Canadian ambassador’s official residence.

They were safe there for a while, but trapped. And over time the situation started getting dicey – the Iranians weren’t respecting much of anybody’s diplomatic rights. So the CIA concocted a crazy scheme to sneak them out of the country – they would pose as a crew doing location scouting for a Hollywood movie.

Affleck’s Next Tells How Jack Kirby & PLANET OF THE APES Make-Up Artist Saved Hostages

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    Über Jack Kirby, klingt etwas verwirrent.

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