William Shatner nimmt eine Metal-Platte auf


WHOOO!!! Damit habe ich in gefühlten 50 Jahren Fünf-Filmfreunde-Geschichte die so ziemlich WTFigste Nachricht und den damit einhergehenden geschichtsträgsten Titel für einen Blogbeitrag. In your face, bitches!

(Ich halte es wie Rob und füge einfach nur mal die Nachricht ein, weil es zu aufregend ist, um weiterzutippen!)

William Shatner is back in the studio working on yet another great big pile of Shat-mazing, Incredibly Strange music. It’s been over a week since Shatner first formally proclaimed Zakk Wylde’s mad skills via Twitter („Best, Bill“), but our sources on the scene confirm that some big metal heavy-hitters have been engaged to play backup to Captain Kirk.

Peter Frampton and Mike Inez (who will be playing „Iron Man“ with fellow Ozzy alum, Zakk Wylde) are definitely participating and our source claims artists slated to perform (but who haven’t done their parts yet) include Steve Howe of Yes, Ian Paice of Deep Purple and the god among men, Brian May of Queen. Supposedly it’s only a matter of scheduling that prevents confirmation (come on May, make this happen!). Finally, it wouldn’t be a space themed album without the space man and his self proclaimed Space Bass, Bootsy Collins!

(Caveat: some of these people might not appear on the final album. Reportedly, Shatner runs a loose (space)ship and sessions are fun and chaotic, nobody knowing how or when they’re gonna happen. Picture session musicians standing next to their iPhones waiting for the „Bill is ready RIGHT NOW“ text.)

There are almost 20 songs slated for inclusion so far and all are to have a „space“ or „flying in space“ theme. Um, ok, that is EXACTLY the same as before, but who would want anything else from Captain Kirk?

Track list currently includes „Bohemian Rhapsody“ (which May will not be playing on-no joke), a Byrds song, „Space Odyssey,“ „Iron Man,“ „Learn to Fly“ and… wait for it… „SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE“! Brace for impact, that one’s got a chance of replacing „Rocket Man“ as all time greatest Shatner moment.

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  1. SmashD

    Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! xD

  2. Mike

    Ob er das Rap-Album von Hassel the Foff übertreffen kann? :D

  3. Genzel

    Muss her! Muss her! Muss her! Will haben!
    Shatner hat genug Witz für so eine Verrücktheit, und seit HAS BEEN ist ihm auch zuzutrauen, daß das Album *gut* wird.

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