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Tom Hodge hat in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Regisseur Ti West ein zweites Poster zu dessem neuen Horrorfilm “The Innkeepers” entworfen, das wie bereits das erste wunderschön ist. Es hätte sich zwar deutlich besser als Teaser-Motiv angeboten, aber wir können das ja gedanklich einfach umdrehen. Vorfreude wächst und wächst!

Here is the second poster for Ti West’s The Innkeepers and this is as about as minimal as i get! Its designed more as teaser poster unless ive grinded away for days on these poster illustration i think something is wrong!! So this one was done as an extra because Ti and Larry Fessden liked the concept so much.

Its very much designed as a homage to the serious Mystery/Thriller posters of the 70’s. Again still incorporating that Victorian vibe, which relates back to the hotels mysterious past… […]

I do have to admit it was Ti Wests idea to have an empty key hole i originally had the idea of the ghost peaking through, so i guess less is more and this way it lets the imagination fill in the blanks!

The great thing about the Innkeepers posters is that creatively i was able to reference the rich history of Victorian design for my inspiration, allowing them to have some creative substance rather than just ‘a grind house poster’ particularly with this title where that wouldn’t have suited the plot line and totally given off the wrong impression.


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  1. Dennis (

    Das erste war wirklich ausgezeichnet, daß zweite finde ich aber nicht retro sondern schlicht … angestaubt und langweilig.

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