Sean Connery – The Musical


(Youtube Direktshhhh, via Dangerous Minds)

Die Macher der Musicalversionen von Robocop, Terminator II, Conan, Total Recall, Phantom Commando, Rambo II und Predator haben sich ein neues Opfer gesucht und the one and only James Bond Sean Connery gemusicalt, inklusive seines berühmten „S with a H“-Sprachfehlers.

Vom Urban Dictionary:

While smoking a joint or bowl of marijuana, if someone says the phrase “Sean Connery says schmoke it” (in his accent of course) then the amount that is left must be finished by those who participated when the joint or bowl was lit. This is referred to as “calling Sean Connery.” This term is classically used only once per day among a group.
Travvy: Maaaaan…… I’m too baked, i’m done.
Timmy: “Sean Connery says schmoke it”
Travvy: Well, you’ve got to obey the Sean, hand it back.

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  1. Mozzerino

    Ach Sean, du altes, anbetungswürdiges Macho-Arschloch. Was werd ich heulen an dem Tag an dem du stirbst.

  2. dodo

    Da haste aber recht! Ich auch!!! :-(

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