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Spielberg-Interview on AICN about a pissed Quint

Standard, 6. 6. 2011, Renington Steele, 3 Kommentare

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AICN hat ein großartiges Interview mit Steven Spielberg, vor allem geht es um „Jaws“ anlässlich der bald kommenden Blue Ray. Meine Lieblingsstelle ist ihre Unterhaltung über Quints Indianapolis-Rede, meine Lieblingsszene aus „Der weiße Hai“ (Video oben), die im ersten Take deshalb versaut wurde, weil Robert Shaw auf die großartige Idee kam, vorher mehr als einen Drink zu sich zu nehmen, wegen Authentizität und sowas. Tolle Anekdote! Und man spürt im Interview tatsächlich, dass sich hier vor allem zwei Fans unterhalten. Sehr schön!

Quint: I’ve read that this is one of your favorite scenes in Jaws… The Indianapolis Speech in Jaws floors me every single time I watch the movie. If I even hear Robert Shaw start that speech I’m zoned in and nothing else exists in the universe, you know? So, do you remember shooting that scene? What was the vibe on the set? Was it weighty?

Steven Spielberg: We shot it twice. The first time we attempted to shoot it Robert came over to me and said, “You know, Steven, all three of these characters have been drinking and I think I could do a much better job in this speech if you let me actually have a few drinks before I do the speech.” And I unwisely gave him permission.

He went into the Whitefoot, which was a big sort of support boat that we always took our lunch breaks on and all the bathrooms were on that boat, it was a big tug boat, and he went into the hold with my script girl Charlsie Bryant and I guess he had more than a few drinks because two crew members actually had to carry him onto the Orca and help him into his chair. I had two cameras on the scene and we never got through the scene, he was just too far gone. So, I wrapped the company at about 11 o’clock in the morning and Robert was taken back to his house on Martha’s Vineyard.

At about 2 o’clock in the morning my phone rings and it’s Robert. He had a complete blackout and had no memory of what had gone down that day. He said, “Steven, tell me I didn’t embarrass you.” He was very sweet, but he was panic-stricken. He said, “Steven, please tell me I didn’t embarrass you. What happened? Are you going to give me a chance to do it again?” I said, “Yes, the second you’re ready we’ll do it again.”

The next morning he came to the set, he was ready at 7:30 out of make-up and it was like watching Olivier on stage. We did it in probably four takes.

Steven Spielberg and Quint have an epic chat all about JAWS as it approaches its 36th Anniversary!

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3 Kommentare

  • Reply Mark 7. 6. 2011 at 16:57

    Es gab noch ein anderes Interview auf AICN wo Spielberg egsagt hat das er niemals wieder digitale CGI Schmiererreien in seine kommenden BluRay Wiederveröffentlichungen einbauen wird.

    Spielberg ist immer noch der größe Hollywood-Regisseur von allen.

    Scott-Jackson-Cameron < Spielberg


  • Reply Renington Steele 7. 6. 2011 at 21:28

    @ Mark: Das stammt ebenfalls aus diesem Interview. AICN hatte das BlueRay-Bit vorab veröffentlicht, das hier ist die komplette Version… ;)

  • Reply stb247 7. 6. 2011 at 23:40


    Leider glaub ich das erst, wenn ich’s sehe. Gerade hat Spielberg nämlich eine Film gemacht, der komplett CG ist :)

    Aber er sagt ja auch im Interview, dass er 2 Versionen von E.T. auf DVD rausbrachte und jedem das Original von 1982 empfiehlt. Zumindest das ist besser, als jede George Lucas DVD Veröffentlichung.

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