Monty Python-Doc will about Brian will be their religious Frost/Nixon with no Parrot

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Es gibt neues zur kommenden Mockumentary über Monty Pythons „Life of Brian“! Nachdem bekannt wurde, dass Stephen Fry Gott darin spielen würde (OMG!), gibt’s jetzt erste Einzelheiten zum Plot. Das ganze wird sowas wie Frost/Nixon nur mit Cleese/Palin und einem katholischen Autoren während einer Fernsehshow. Das klingt alles extremst spannend. Hier das entsprechende Bit vom Guardian:

The new drama centres on a notorious television confrontation that took place on 9 November 1979 between two of the Pythons, Cleese and Palin, and the Roman Catholic writer and broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge, who believed that Life of Brian was a weak and scurrilous attack on Christianity. At Muggeridge’s side for the debate on the BBC2 show Friday Night, Saturday Morning was the Bishop of Southwark, Mervyn Stockwood.

“You might say Holy Flying Circus is a comedy equivalent of the film Frost/Nixon, marking a historic TV moment, but that was much more factual and we are playful, although the debate itself is verbatim,” explained Harris.

“I do wonder whether viewers will realise that, because some of it is quite extraordinary.” […]

During the TV debate, chaired by the lyricist Tim Rice, Muggeridge called the film “squalid” and “tenth rate”. The bishop levelled some low blows too, accusing the film of being “fourth form revue” standard and implying the Pythons were “mentally deficient”.

“It was a clash of cultures. Palin became quite frustrated, but both he and Cleese remained respectful. But the respect wasn’t returned,” said Harris.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian recreated for BBC comic drama (via Digg)

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