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Crazy Horse – Trailer

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Trailer zu Frederick Wisemans Dokumentation „Crazy Horse“, in der es um den gleichnamigen Pariser Nachtclub geht, der vom Film offenbar besonders stylish eingefangen wird. Wiseman, einer der wichtigsten Dokumentarfilmer überhaupt, hat dieses Jahr übrigens bereits seinen 81. Geburtstag gefeiert.

Documentary master Frederick Wiseman (La Danse, Boxing Gym) spent ten weeks exploring the legendary Parisian cabaret club Crazy Horse, which boasts the greatest and most chic nude dancing in the world. Founded in 1951, the club has become a Parisian nightlife „must“ for any visitor, ranking alongside the Eiffel tower and the Louvre. Wiseman‟s impeccable eye allows us to enter into this intriguing international temple of the Parisian club world and to discover what makes the Crazy Horse tick: elegance, perfectionism and a grueling schedule. The film follows the rehearsals, backstage preparations and performances for a new show, Désirs.

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