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Romancing In Thin Air – Teaser & Poster

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Johnnie To dreht so viele Filme, dass man fast nicht mehr hinterkommt, sie auch zu schauen. Hier gibt es jedenfalls bereits den (schön melancholischen) Teaser Trailer zu seinem neuen, „Romancing In Thin Air“ (Gao hai ba zhi lian II). Tos letzten Film, die Rom-Com „Don’t Go Breaking My Heart“, fand ich ja ganz hübsch, wenn auch etwas banal und unglaubwürdig. Nach dem Klick die ganze Synopsis sowie das Poster.

Like a scene straight out of a movie, on the day superstar Michael is to marry his actress sweetheart Yuan Yuan, a coal miner shows up and runs off with the bride. While dodging the paparazzi, Michael inadvertently boards a truck driven by Sue and ends up in Shangri-la. Sue is the innkeeper of a local inn and allows the rather depressed Michael to stay and get his life back together. During his stay, Michael finds out Sue is a die-hard fan and Michael’s movies are the links of Sue’s marriage. Unfortunately, her husband, Tian, disappeared 7 years ago near the inn and hasn’t been found ever since. Year after year, the rescue team looks for Tian and Sue hasn’t given up either. But when hope turns into despair, Sue commits suicide and Michael rescues her. As time goes by, Michael nurses Sue back to health and encourages her to put Tian behind her. When they both sense love is in the air, Sue gets word Tian’s body has been found. Unable to forget her husband, Sue turns Michael down. In memory of this magical journey, Michael turns it into a movie and personally persuades Yuan Yuan to star in the leading role of his film, „Romancing Into Thin Air“…

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