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Vimeo Direktlook, via Peter

Schicker Supercut aus in die Kamera guckenden Darstellern mit passendem Soundtrack (Manic Street Preachers – Can’t take my eyes off you). Die Liste der verwendeten Filme nach dem Klick.

00:00 Titanic
00:02 The Age of Innocence
00:04 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
00:05 Singles
00:06 Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban
00:07 Goodfellas
00:09 Coraline
00:11 Rebecca
00:13 Superman
00:15 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
00:19 The Big Lebowski
00:21 The Muppets Christmas Carol
00:24 The Sixth Sense
00:27 Les Quatre Cents Coups
00:31 Witness
00:32 Once Upon a Time in the West
00:35 Boogie Nights
00:38 Ying Xiong (Hero)
00:40 Le samouraï
00:42 Trading Places
00:44 Scott Pilgrim vs The World
00:45 Shallow Grave
00:47 A Scanner Darkly
00:49 Apocalypse Now
00:52 Con Air
00:54 Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy
00:56 The Ides of March
00:59 Napoleon
01:01 2001: A Space Odyssey
01:04 Groundhog Day
01:06 Ratatouille
01:07 Crank
01:08 Die Hard
01:09 Raising Arizona
01:11 Wayne’s World
01:12 The Fantastic Mr. Fox
01:13 Pulp Fiction
01:14 The Graduate
01:15 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
01:16 Christmas Vacation
01:17 Brazil
01:20 Amélie
01:22 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
01:24 Braveheart
01:26 The Devil’s Advocate
01:27 Breaking the Waves
01:29 American Beauty
01:31 Back to the Future II
01:34 The Fountain
01:36 Un Prophète
01:38 Zatoichi
01:40 The Fifth Element
01:42 Alfie
01:44 Three Amigos!
01:45 The Artist
01:48 Married to the Mob
01:51 Rushmore
01:54 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
01:56 Romeo + Juliet
01:59 The Girl with a Pearl Earring
02:02 The Fellowship of the Ring
02:06 Secretary
02:10 Kill Bill Vol. 1
02:13 Le Escaphandre et le Papillon
02:16 Strangers on a Train
02:21 Funny Games
02:23 In the Line of Fire
02:25 Fight Club
02:27 Misery
02:31 Clockwork Orange
02:34 The Silence of the Lambs
02:37 Metropolis
02:39 Sunset Boulevard
02:42 Psycho
02:47 The Shining
02:48 Mars Attacks!
02:49 Bronson
02:50 Evil Dead II
02:52 Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me
02:53 Rashômon
02:55 Black Swan
02:57 The Exorcist
02:58 The Night of the Living Dead
02:59 Les Yeux Sans Visage
03:01 Nosferatu
03:03 Vertigo
03:05 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
03:07 Home Alone
03:09 True Lies
03:10 A Christmas Story
03:12 Robocop
03:14 Full Metal Jacket
03:15 Do the Right Thing
03:17 The Silence of the Lambs
03:19 Dead Man
03:20 Bad Lieutenant
03:22 Bad Boys
03:23 Dip Huet Seung Hung (The Killer)
03:24 Idi i Smotri
03:25 Goodfellas
03:27 Hanna
03:28 The Great Train Robbery
03:30 La Haine
03:32 Saturday Night Fever
03:35 Stranger Than Fiction
03:38 Super
03:40 Steamboat Bill, Jr.
03:43 Tangled
03:44 Trainspotting
03:47 Rango
03:49 Enter The Void
03:52 The Royal Tenenbaums
03:54 Black Narcissus
03:55 American Beauty
03:57 Lady in the Lake
04:00 The Virgin Suicides
04:02 Rear Window
04:03 À Bout de Souffle
04:04 Little Children
04:05 Nine 1/2 Weeks
04:06 Spellbound
04:07 Splice
04:09 25th Hour
04:10 Cat People
04:11 Strange Days
04:12 Duck Soup
04:14 Annie Hall
04:17 The Kid
04:20 Neverending Story
04:21 Zoolander
04:23 High Fidelity
04:25 JCVD
04:26 Oldeuboi (Oldboy)
04:28 Raging Bull
04:30 Gran Torino
04:30 Ying Xiong (Hero)
04:33 Shoot’em Up
04:35 Jaws
04:36 Addams Family Values
04:37 Escape from LA
04:37 Donnie Darko
04:39 The Darjeeling Limited
04:40 Hugo
04:41 Persona
04:42 The Red Shoes
04:43 Magnolia
04:45 Le notti di Cabiria
04:50 The Truman Show

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  1. Dr.Strangelove

    So viel Arbeit.. und dann fehlt der kultigste Blick von allen.
    Harold & Maude

  2. Dodo

    sooo schön!!! :) mein Mädchen herz klopft..

  3. Ken Takel

    Man, hab ich schon viele Filme gesehen !!! Kannte so gut wie alle.
    Super schön gemacht.

  4. neb


  5. Spike Lees Dolly Shots - Nerdcore

    […] bei raus. Nach dem Klick noch ein “Looking At You”-Supercut, den ich gestern bei den F5 gepostet […]

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