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Maniac – Red Band Trailer

Standard, 26. 5. 2012, Renington Steele, 1 Kommentar

YT Direktmaniac, via Twitch

Hier der Red Band-Trailer zum Maniac-Remake mit Elijah Wood als irrer Serienmörder. Einen ersten Trailer hatte Jet vor einer Weile gepostet, der hier ist rund ’ne halbe Minute länger. Sieht mir bislang nach einem gelungenen Remake aus, ich bin gespannt.

Just when the streets seemed safe, a serial killer with a fetish for scalps is back and on the hunt.

Frank is the withdrawn owner of a mannequin store, but his life changes when young artist Anna appears asking for his help with her new exhibition. As their friendship develops and Frank’s obsession escalates, it becomes clear that she has unleashed a long-repressed compulsion to stalk and kill.

A 21st century Jack the Ripper set in present-day LA, MANIAC is a re-boot of the cult film considered by many to be the most suspenseful slasher movie ever made – an intimate, visually daring, psychologically complex and profoundly horrific trip into the downward spiralling nightmare of a killer and his victims.

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    wunderschön einfach wunderschön ich bin sowas von dabei

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