Michael Haneke wins Cannes 2012


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Michael Haneke hat mit “Amour” (Trailer oben) seine zweite Goldene Palme in Cannes geholt. Ich kann mit Hanekes trockenem visuellen Stil nicht allzuviel anfangen, mag aber seine halbsubtilen Twists. Wie auch immer: Glückwunsch!

Michael Haneke’s latest movie, Amour, won the Austrian director his second top prize from Cannes in three years, following his triumph in 2009 with The White Ribbon. The film is the tenderest in a career defined by unflinching brutality, as well as arguably the least cinematic: a two-hander set in a Paris flat. Haneke joined just five others to have won the Palme d’Or twice, including Francis Ford Coppola and Emir Kusturica.

Cannes 2012: Michael Haneke wins second Palme d’Or for Amour

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