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The Sessions – Trailer

Standard, 1. 7. 2012, Renington Steele, 2 Kommentare

Toller, witziger, sehr sympathischer Trailer zu „The Sessions“ von Ben Levin über die wahre Geschichte des Mark O’Brien, der mit Polio gelähmt einen großen Teil seines Lebens seit seiner Kindheit in der eisernen Lunge verbrachte, nun Mitte Dreißig endlich seine Jungfräulichkeit verlieren will.

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Aus irgendeinem Grund hat Mark O’Brien keinen Wikipedia-Eintrag, aber ich habe einen Nachruf auf aus dem Jahr 1999 gefunden:

O’Brien’s special gift, I suspect, was his heart-stopping honesty. He wrote an article for a book of mine about sex and disability (“CripZen: A Manual for Survival”), and I felt his personal revelations — about masturbation — were dandy but, well, a bit too personal. I asked if he didn’t want to use a pseudonym. He wouldn’t hear of it.

And when he finally, at age 36, had his first taste of love, with a sex surrogate, he wrote a long article about it that was published in several places, including the Sun magazine of North Carolina. The paragraph about looking at himself in the mirror always struck me as being one of the most poignant in all of disabled literature:

After she got off the mattress, she took a large mirror out of her tote bag. It was about two feet long and framed in wood. Holding it so that I could see myself, Cheryl asked what I thought of the man in the mirror. I said that I was surprised I looked so normal, that I wasn’t the horribly twisted and cadaverous figure I had always imagined myself to be.

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  • Reply GhostDog 1. 7. 2012 at 22:20

    Oh, toll, das wirkt doch fein. Interessante Storygrundlage und sympathische Schauspieler. Merk ich mir.

  • Reply amigr01 5. 7. 2012 at 0:59

    will wohl auf der intouchables welle reiten. aber der war jetzt ja nicht so super…

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