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Der erste Luke Cage Trailer sieht vielversprechend aus

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Luke Cage - Main Trailer

Ab dem 30. September gibt es wieder einen Grund sich einzuschließen und ein Wochenende damit zu verbringen sich die Seele aus dem Leib zu bingen: Luke Cage kommt und der Trailer sieht aus, als würde die Serie erstklassige Marvel Unterhaltung werden!

Wer, wie ich, die Luke Cage Comics sträflich vernachlässigt hat, kann sich hier erstmal einen kleinen Überblick verschaffen was einen erwarten könnte:

Adopting the alias Luke Cage and donning a distinctive costume, he launched a career as a Hero for Hire, helping anyone who could meet his price. He soon established an office in Times Square’s Gem Theater, where he befriended film student D.W. Griffith. Burstein, aware of his friend’s innocence, also relocated to New York and opened a medical clinic, assisted by Dr. Claire Temple, whom Cage began dating. Although Cage would have been content to battle strictly conventional criminals, he soon learned that New York was hardly the place to do so. Stryker himself had become a Maggia agent as Diamondback and died battling Cage. Subsequent opponents included Gideon Mace, an embittered veteran seeking a U.S. takeover who would become a frequent foe; Chemistro (Curtis Carr), whose Alchemy Gun would be a weapon later used by others, including his own brother after Curtis reformed; and Discus, Stiletto, Shades, and Commanche, all criminals with ties to Cage’s prison days who would face him repeatedly over the years.

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