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Das Originalhaus aus Tobe Hoopers Instant Classic “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, in dem eine kannibalistische Sippe ahnungslose Teenager zu Hackfleisch verarbeitet, ist mittlerweile ein Familienrestaurant!

People typically chuckle when they hear the Texas Chain Saw Massacre house is now a restaurant, and with good reason: The site of one of the most grotesque, unnerving dinner scenes in horror-movie history now serves up (non-human) meat in a dining room that’s homey, not horrifying. Well, not everyone chuckles: As owner Jeremy Lee explains in this episode of Pop Pilgrims, he receives the occasional e-mail from people who think the house was the site of actual murders.

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Nette Montage toller Sandwiches in Filmen. Grandios sind ausnahmsweise mal die Youtube-Kommentare der Movie-Nom-Komplettisten:

REALLY DUDE the minority report sandwich is not here!

What about Ally Sheedy’s Captain Crunch and Pixy Stix sandwich in The Breakfast Club?? Classic!!

WTF?!!! He left out Weird Al’s Twinkie Weiner Sandwich in UHF!!!!!!

What about the sandwich that the kid in The Shining was eating at the start? The one that he managed to devour in 3 seconds between shots? :P

This is fantastic, simply fantastic, but the sandwich Bill makes for his daughter at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2 is still the most cinematic sandwich I can think of.