Und da sagt er auch noch, das Iron Man 3 das beste Script ist, das er seit 5 Jahren gelesen hat! Und das er jetzt eine unrealisierte Steve Mc Queen Idee verfilmt. Nuff said. Lassen wir den Chef lieber selber reden:


(Vimeo Direktsteve, via Filmkunst Berlin)

Schönes Video-Essay von The Cooler über den King of Cool: Steve McQueen.

In his first starring role, on TV’s Wanted: Dead or Alive in 1958, and in his last starring role, in 1980’s The Hunter, Steve McQueen played bounty hunters. In between, McQueen played a host of characters who were on the run or behind bars – guys who had been to prison or seemed to be heading there. He played lawmen, too, and leaders, thrill-seekers and risk-takers. He played men of action – guys who always seemed to be cocked and ready. Not muscle men so much as tough guys. Not brave men, because they often seemed immune to fear, but determined ones. With rare exception, McQueen’s characters were strong, silent types, either intentionally or inevitably. Quiet strength was McQueen’s default setting.

Steve McQueen: King of the Close-Up