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Lost In The Garden of the World: Doku über Cannes, 1975

18. 11. 2010, Renington Steele, 1 Kommentar

1975 sind ein paar neuseeländische Hippies nach Cannes gereist und haben dort eine Doku über das Filmfestival gedreht, wobei sie die sehr jungen Steven Spielberg, Tobe Hooper, Werner Herzog und Martin Scorsese interviewten. Fängt sperrig an (mit einem französischen Gedicht, jeez), wird dann aber zu einem echten Film-Zeitdokument. Von Badass Digest:

In 1975 a group of New Zealand filmmakers decided the best way to get to Cannes was to make a film about Cannes. And so they went to France and shot their experience. They went to movies and they also talked to filmmakers who were there that year, and what a group they got on film: Paul Bartel, Tobe Hoper, a very young Steven Spielberg (interviewed on the spot where he came up with some of the most famous moments in Jaws, which was still a new film), Werner Herzog with his family, Martin Scorsese all twitchy and Dustin Hoffman looking very relaxed.

„Part 1: Paul Bartel talks Death Race 2000 and why the car is the perfect thing for an American death sport.  Tobe Hooper talks Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and pulling thorns from his actresses’ breasts. Both discuss starting in exploitation.“

Die restlichen Teile nach dem Klick.

Part 2: Steven Spielberg, just after Jaws, talks about how he thinks it’s a sequel to the novel, not an adaptation, and why he cut the love story out of the film. He also talks about how filmmakers think they’re immortal, illustrated by an incredible story of danger – and seeing the world in 1.85.

Part 3: Werner Herzog talks earning scars.

Part 4: An amped up Martin Scorsese talks about working with a kid on Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore while an impish Dustin Hoffman, promoting Lenny, talks about being famous.


  • Felix 20. 11. 2010 an 20:54

    Herzog mal wieder…herrlich!!