Rat Scratch Fever – Trailer

17. 2. 2011, Renington Steele, 6 Kommentare

(Youtube Direktrats, via Quiet Earth)

Never ever in a theater near you: RAT SCRATCH FEVER! „Brought back from space, an army of giant, mutant rats causes death and destruction for Los Angeles and the world.“

The toothy terror begins when astronaut Sonja (Tasha Tacosa) travels with a team to a distant planet in search of life. The private firm that finances her mission is the Steel Space Corporation. The founder of the corporation is Dr. Steel, played by Randal [THE CURSE OF LIZZIE BORDEN] Malone. When her mission goes awry after being attacked by giant rats from another planet, Sonja’s ex-marine boyfriend Jake, portrayed by Ford Austin, has to race against time to save her from Doctor Steel. The rats then make it back to earth and takeover LA.

  • Jott 17. 2. 2011 an 10:32

    Ist das geil? Solche Filme sind selten geworden…

  • Niniel 17. 2. 2011 an 11:37


  • Nilz N Burger 17. 2. 2011 an 17:48

    Alter! Ted Nugent Zitat FTW!!!!!!!

  • haina 17. 2. 2011 an 17:56


  • der paul 18. 2. 2011 an 9:34

    OMFG – wie geil ist das denn, bitte?

  • dasRob 21. 2. 2011 an 0:38

    Suuuuper. Ein neuer toller Film für meine Trash-Abende :)