World Map of Indiana Jones‘ Discoveries

15. 8. 2011, Renington Steele, 2 Kommentare

Hübsch, ’ne Karte zum An-die-Wand-hängen mit allen Entdeckungen von Indiana Jones inklusive der Filme, Romane, Comics, TV-Serien und der Games. Sweet!

Years in the making, Matt Busch is proud to unveil the illustrated Indiana Jones World Map! Perfect timing, being the 30th Anniverary of Indiana Jones this year. Authorized through Lucasfilm, this print is funded by the Adirondack Comicfest and all proceeds from the sale of this print go to American Disabled Veterans.

The map shows all of the locations that Indiana Jones has made archeological discoveries- not just the movies- the novels, the comic books, the Young Indy TV shows, the video games, and more.

There are 36 different archeological artifacts displayed, each illustrated where Indy discovered it, and numbered chronologically. 3 Legend sections list info on the artifacts, including name, city and country, year, title of the story the artifact was discovered in, followed by symbols. The Key chart lets you decipher those symbols for each artifact to see how the story was presented, be it film, novel, TV Episode, etc… In many cases, these stories have been delivered in multiple platforms. In other words, „Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis“ was at first designed as a video game, but later developed as a comic book, too…


  • mightymib 15. 8. 2011 an 15:28

    Ob da die drei Wolfgang Hohlbein Indy-Romane auch mit drauf sind, die es mal in den 90ern gab? Da wären das Schwert des Dschingis Khan und das Nagelfar…

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  • The Fabian 22. 8. 2011 an 10:40

    @mightymib, da gab es sogar acht vom guten Herrn Hohlbein:
    1: Indiana Jones und die Gefiederte Schlange
    2: Indiana Jones und das Schiff der Götter
    3: Indiana Jones und das Gold von El Dorado
    4: Indiana Jones und das verschwundene Volk
    5: Indiana Jones und das Schwert des Dschingis Khan
    6: Indiana Jones und das Geheimnis der Osterinsel
    7: Indiana Jones und das Labyrinth des Horus
    8: Indiana Jones und das Erbe von Avalon

    Wär ja fast schade, wenn die nicht mit drin wären…