Bill S. Preston shoots a Doc about Napster and the Birth of P2P

24. 8. 2011, Renington Steele, 0 Kommentare

X-Posting von Nerdcore: Bill S. Preston, Herrscher über die Sülznasen, wird (ohne seinen Ted, das Nashorn Logan) eine Doku über die Geburt von P2P und die Erfindung von Napster drehen. Alex Winter hatte das Projekt schon lange als Spielfilm geplant, dann wurde es durch den Erfolg von The Social Network plattgemacht, jetzt nimmt er das Material, das er bislang gesammelt hatte und dreht daraus eine Doku, die beide Seiten zu Wort kommen lässt.

“The rise and fall of Napster and the birth of peer-to-peer file-sharing technology created by Shawn Fanning when he was a college student, changed music to movies, and made possible everything from Julian Assange, WikiLeaks to the iPod and Facebook,” Winter told me. “It became an expression of youth revolt, and contributed to a complete shift in how information, media and governments work. And it is a fascinating human story, where this 18-year-old kid invents a peer-to-peer file-sharing system, and brings it to the world six months later.”

Technological Luddites like myself equate Napster with the rampant piracy that hobbled the music industry and killed the album, forcing bands to tour if they want to make money. Winter said a documentary format allows voices on both sides do some venting, but he maintains that Fanning’s intention was a pay system similar to what Apple’s iTunes became. “Nobody wanted to deal with this college kid and the music industry took a hard stance and focused on shutting him down,” Winter said. “It’s a gray area. I can understand Fanning’s side, but I can also empathize with the horror that Metallica’s Lars Ulrich felt when a single that wasn’t even finished ended up on the radio.”

Winter said that Napster’s Fanning and Parker are participating, as well as a group of label heads and musical artists he’s still pulling together.

Alex Winter Spins Napster Tale As Docu (via /Film)

Disclosure: Ich habe drei Jahre lang als Grafiker und Webdesigner für die europäischen Büros des legalen Angebots gearbeitet, das aus Napster nach der Übernahme durch Roxio wurde.