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The Perverts Guide To Ideology – Trailer

27. 9. 2013, Renington Steele, 1 Kommentar

Slavoj Žižek in einer Doku über Filme und Philosophie? Yes please!

Von der Website zum Film:

The makers of THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO CINEMA return with THE PERVERT’S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY. Philosopher Slavoj Zizek and filmmaker Sophie Fiennes use their interpretation of moving pictures to present a compelling cinematic journey into the heart of ideology – the dreams that shape our collective beliefs and practices.

Director’s Statement: Sophie Fiennes
Almost immediately after the release of The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, Slavoj suggested we make The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology – and here it is. Ideology is a major theme in Zizek’s body of work. His roots in
psychoanalytic thinking produce a new understanding of how our world is structured. It feels like now, 2012, is absolutely the right time to make this film. It has been thrilling and demanding for me to bring these ideas together in a film. Through the examples we use, which
range between movies, music, history and current events, ideology emerges as an ever-shifting fantasy-frame shaping all societies. I am grateful to Slavoj for his generosity, trust and of course his phenomenal sense of humour!

Nach dem Klick erzählt Žižek sechs Minuten lang über John Carpenters They Live:

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  • jim bob 27. 9. 2013 an 15:54

    Der Trailer ist klasse.Slavoj kommt so prototypisch – als Philosoph(der Akzent als Sahnehäubchen).Seine They Live Analyse ist inspirierend – und es empfiehlt sich da mal reinzuschauen.